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ADRIAAN: Seven Tears. Spotify, Applemusic, Deezer, Tidal, Marimbav
ADRIAAN: What Stays. Spotify, Applemusic, Deezer, Tidal, Marimba
The beginning of spring ’24 marks the start of a series of new releases in collaboration with award-winning arranger Roeland Jacobs and engineer Udo Pannekeet. Surrounded by his new band, ADRIAAN keeps pioneering in exploring his unique sound and language on the marimba within the modern/neo-classical genre. The warm and atmospherical vibe of the album derives from ADRIAAN’s original compositions, inspired by a very personal journey during the months before its release. ADRIAAN began writing his own music for this new ensemble inspired by the passing and short period of decease that struck his wife. Their love for each other and life, intoxicating positive energy and radiant aura became an all-embracing muse for both his musical journey as for his life in general. 
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