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Adriaan Feyaerts, known under his artist name ADRIAAN, is considered to be among the most versatile and successful percussionists of Europe. Born and raised in Belgium, currently based in Munich, he discovered his passion for percussion at an early age and dedicated himself to his musical journey.

His education initially took him to Antwerp, Amsterdam and later to Munich, where he perfected his talent under renowned teachers. During his studies, Adriaan established himself as an exceptional percussionist and timpanist, quickly becoming a sought-after force in the music world.

His career as a timpanist and percussionist spans an impressive range of ensembles and orchestras. During his studies he held a position in the renowned Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester. As a member of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, as well as a regular guest with the Munich Chamber Orchestra and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Adriaan has demonstrated his musicianship and versatility.

In addition to his engagements as an orchestral musician, Adriaan is also a passionate advocate and promoter of chamber music and the contemporary music scene. As the founder of various cultural initiatives such as the MusicKnights Chamber Music Festival, VisionM e.V., KonzertKollektiv e.V., and, he has contributed to nurturing artistic diversity and innovation in the music scene. He is the artistic leader and founder of the Munich Consort ensemble.

Furthermore, Adriaan is a visionary artist and composer who, under his artist name ADRIAAN, produces music that expand the boundaries of the marimba in the modern/neo-classical music realm. His debut album, "Sessions #1" (2021), was the outcome of collaborative studio-sessions for the TV series “ADRIAAN ontmoet”, wherein he invited various artists from Rotterdam's vibrant music scene to collaborate in captivating musical dialogues. The beginning of spring ’24 marks the start of a series of new releases in collaboration with award-winning arranger Roeland Jacobs and engineer Udo Pannekeet. Surrounded by his new band, ADRIAAN keeps pioneering in exploring his unique sound and language on the marimba within the modern/neo-classical genre. The warm and atmospherical vibe of the album derives from ADRIAAN’s original compositions, inspired by a very personal journey during the months before its release. ADRIAAN began writing his own music for this new ensemble inspired by the passing and short period of decease that struck his wife. Their love for each other and life, intoxicating positive energy and radiant aura became an all-embracing muse for both his musical journey as for his life itself. 

Adriaan is sponsored by Adams Percussion (NL) and plays on a marimba exclusively designed for him, as well as with his signature mallets from Salyers Percussion (USA). His dedication to music and his pursuit of artistic excellence make him an inspiring figure in the world of music.


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